How to Choose Solar Panels

solar panels

Solar panels help to capture and use renewable energy in homes, and even in factories. It is beneficial to the environment and reduces the electricity bill. However, not all panels are similar. The material used to make the panel, the solar inverter, and its installation on the roof determines the environment it can work best.

Below are some tips on how to choose solar panels:

Solar Panel Quality

This considers the method used to manufacture and the quality of raw materials used when building the panel. Different manufacturers produce solar panels which vary in price, efficiency, and quality. Some manufacturers practice vertical integration and control the stages of production. They emphasize quality and undertake a lot of research and development. Other manufacturers just assemble panels, don’t invest in research, and are not involved in manufacturing.


consider the sizeConsider the watts and physical size. A solar system should be big enough to handle your appliances. Also, it should be able to fit into the available space. The size of a solar panel is mainly determined by the power produced by the system and solar cell type. Watts are used to measuring the output of the panel and relate directly to price. It is the critical aspect of a panel that must be gotten right. In case you underestimate it, there will be a lack of energy, and if you overestimate, you will spend more money, which you shouldn’t.

Energy Efficiency

The efficiency of a panel is the amount of light it receives and converts into electricity, therefore, the amount of energy generated. More efficient systems are better and more expensive. Selecting the biggest and most efficient panel at times might not be the best choice. It is advisable to get a panel that is most appropriate for your energy needs. Meaning that one should not overestimate or underestimate his energy needs.


It shows the level of confidence in manufacturers’ products. Normally solar panels have a warranty of 25 years, provided the company is in existence. A short period warranty is an indication that the products are not good, therefore they want to avoid taking responsibility. Take caution when offered tempting prices since you might be disappointed in the future. Maintaining solar panels is important as it increases their lifespan. Fortunately, they have low maintenance costs.


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